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2014 Beauty Award Winner
Best Root Touch-Up
TouchBack Quix

"With the help of dermatologists, hairstylists, makeup artists, manicurists, FITNESS staffers and readers, we tested 1,500 of the years' latest and greatest to fin our winners. 70 game-changing beauty products that will help you look younger, sexier and prettier than ever.
"Keep this secret weapon on hand to hide stray grays and roots in seconds... natural-looking application that won't budge until you shampoo."

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2013 Beauty Award Winner
Best Root Touch-Up
TouchBack Marker

"We hear you — the beauty aisles are overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, we enlisted a dream team of derms, hairstylists, makeup artists, FITNESS staffers and, most important, readers just like you to try 1,273 products! ... 70 winners that our testers fell in love with at first swipe.
"So long, pesky grays! This is quick and easy to use, thanks to the applicator, which is like a big felt-tip pen," a tester said. "The color stays put — even through spinning class — until you wash it out."

Allure Allure

Allure 2012

Best of Beauty

"Thousands of beauty products were launched last year, joining tens of thousands of jars, bottles, and tubes already on the shelves. Overwhelmed? Don't be. These… are all you need to know... and own.
"Home Color Root Coverage. If your colorist can't squeeze you in, TouchBack Temporary Hair Color Marker covers your roots and grays. The smooth, ammonia- and peroxide-free color blends with your shade, doesn't budge, and easily shampoos out."

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Allure 2011

Best of Beauty
193 Winning Products

"In our 15 years of bestowing beauty awards, we've seen (and tried) tens of thousands of lipsticks, lotions, scents and polishes. Here ... the best of the best."
Home Color Root Coverage. "When we can't see our colorist, we camouflage grays with the TouchBack marker."

Allure Allure

Allure 2009

Best of Beauty

"For an ultraquick fix, we love TouchBack Temporary Hair Color Marker."

Celebrity Hairstyles Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles

Root Touch-Up Test-Drive

"Just press the tip onto the root area and it dispenses the amount you need … it worked really well for me."


"TouchBack is the best product I have ever used to hide the greys and I have tried them all."

Prevention Prevention


Prevention Magazine Tested Root Touch-Up Pens

"To find the best instant fix, we tested products that hide new growth until your next shampoo. The winner: TouchBack garnered raves for great gray coverage and being 'incredibly easy to use' — its wide marker like tip ... makes it quick and precise. Plus, the 8 shades don't flake or rub off when brushed."


"This is the most fabulous money-saving product I've ever used! It's the greatest thing since hair color was invented!!!"

People People


Two Ways to Extend Time Between Salon Visits

"These temporary hair color markers mask roots, buying you a couple of extra weeks between appointments," says Jason Backe, celeb colorist for L'Oréal.


"Your product has changed my life! is so easy to work with and doesn't look fake. Thanks so much!"

Marie Claire Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Manhattan's Most Sought-After
Color Experts Reveal Their Secrets

"Temporary touch-up markers now come in an array of shades and are a foolproof way to camouflage a few (gray) hairs."

Woman's Day Woman's Day

Woman's Day

Don't be intimidated by DIY haircolor.
These new products make it easier than ever.

"Touch up roots fast. Watch grays do a disappearing act ... Simply locate silver and color over them with the marker. This formula will stay put until you shampoo, and is so easy to apply you'll never have to pluck again."


"The best invention ever for in-between colorings to hold us through."

Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

Color Away Grays

"Put down ... the messy mascara wand, gel, powder, or crayon you use for hair color touch-ups. Now you can hide stray grays or peekaboo roots easily with TouchBack, an ammonia and peroxide free hair color marker."


"Love it! I can delay my expensive salon hair colours for a few weeks with TouchBack!"


A Girl's Gotta Spa Beauty Blog

Nandoism Speaks to Joan Lasker


"LOVE IT, LOVE IT. The best touch-up for my hair I have used so far."

More More


Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Needed
Retire Gray Roots, Fast

"How to handle regrowth or rogue grays between salon sessions? Cover them instantly with the TouchBack marker."

Redbook Redbook


Gorgeous Hair
How to Keep it

"Apply a root touch-up product ... brunettes are pretty high maintenance. The gray shows up faster than on other shades. Try TouchBack ... a fat 'magic marker' that temporarily hides any gray regrowth."

Allure Allure


Treatments and Tools: Beauty 101

"Temporarily cover grays with a tinted liquid color.
Try TouchBack ... marker."


"I googled 'hair touch-up' and found the TouchBack marker. I love it!!!! I use this marker instead of going through messy root touch-up with liquid hair color. Please don't stop making it."

WWD Beauty Biz WWD Beauty Biz

WWD Beauty Biz

Newest Hair Must-Haves

"Delay trips to the salon with this pocket-sized marker that dispenses temporary color. The tint bonds to hair until washed out."

Romy Raves


Check Out This Award Winning Product

"I was instantly impressed with the innovative simplicity of this unique product. It is a gray covering marker that surpasses its competitors because of its effective and ingenious delivery system. Basically, it dispenses real hair color via a well-designed, flat, broad tip marker. I think the primary strength of this product is its simple, yet quick and effective delivery system that is super easy to use and does a great job of covering those nasty grays with minimal effort."


"This is the best product for covering gray hair. Kudos!"

US Weekly Hair Issue US Weekly Hair Issue

US Weekly

Stretch Your Salon Visits

"Save time and money — and keep your 'do looking new — with these pro-stylist tips."
"Try TouchBack, a hair marker your apply to gray roots that lasts until your next shampoo."

New York Post New York Post

New York Post

Color Me Good

"Get to the root of your problem — without a pricey trip to the salon ... eight gray-camouflaging colors that last until your next wash."


"I really like this product. I've ordered before and hope you continue with this product line. It's wonderful!"

Cut & Color Cut & Color

Cut & Color

A New Way To Touch-Up Gray

"Coloring can be expensive, which makes it extra annoying when gray roots begin to make an appearance. TouchBack is real hair color in a marker, which makes it incredibly easy to use ... and it doesn't flake!"

Launchpad Launchpad


New Beauty

"...TouchBack, the fastest touch up for gray roots that won't flake or rub off, even after brushing."


"This is my second order. I love your product!"



Roots Mark the Spot for TouchBack

"A new weapon to combat gray roots for women who are stretching the time between salons visits. TouchBack distributes temporary hair dye through a marker for touch-ups. Everyone who tries this product says, oh my God, where has this been? You've really solved a problem."


"I have used this product before, it is a real hair saver!"

Beauty Counter Blog

Beauty Counter Blog

"ColorMark's new TouchBack pens … the latest in touch-up technology … covering grays at the root so you can bypass the ordeal of sectional dying and the damage that comes along with it."